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Hikvision DS-2DE5225IW-AE/S5 - 4MP - PTZ - 25x Zoom - 100m IR - WDR - Ultra Low Light

Hikvision DS-2DE5225IW-AE/S5 - 4MP - PTZ - 25x Zoom - 100m IR - WDR - Ultra Low Light
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Hikvision DS-2DE5225IW-AE/S5 Ultra Low Light PTZ Camera
Key Features

Resolution and Zoom:

2 Megapixel resolution (1080p).
25x optical zoom.
16x digital zoom.

Low Light Performance:

Ultra-low light sensitivity.
Can provide color images in very low light.
Equipped with IR Power LEDs, allowing night vision up to 150 meters.

Weather Resistance:

IP66 rating, suitable for outdoor installations.
Automatic day/night filter for optimal performance in different lighting conditions.

Wide Dynamic Range (WDR):

Enhances image clarity in challenging lighting conditions, such as backlighting.

Acusense Technology:

Advanced false alarm filter to prevent unwanted recordings.
Can distinguish between people and vehicles, ignores irrelevant movements such as flying leaves, shadows, headlights and sunlight.
Ensures reliable notifications and recordings.

Technical Specifications

Camera Type: PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) with motorized control for flexible surveillance coverage.
Optical Zoom: 25x, for detailed observation over long distances.
Digital Zoom: 16x, provides additional magnification.
IR Range: Up to 150 meters, enabled by powerful IR LEDs.
Light Sensitivity: Designed for ultra-low light conditions, ensuring visibility in near darkness.
Weatherproof: IP66 rating, robust for outdoor environments.
WDR: Enhances image clarity in high-contrast scenes.
False Alarm Reduction: Acusense technology for accurate classification of people and vehicles.
Face Recognition: Supports simultaneous capture of up to 5 faces.


Enhanced Night Vision: The combination of low light sensitivity and powerful IR LEDs provides clear visibility of up to 150 meters in the dark.
Weatherproof Design: The IP66 rating makes the camera suitable for harsh outdoor conditions.
Accurate Detection: Acusense technology minimizes false alarms by distinguishing between relevant and irrelevant movements.
Versatile Surveillance: The PTZ functionality combined with the significant optical zoom makes it suitable for monitoring large areas with detailed focus.


Outdoor Security: Ideal for parking lots, large properties and perimeter surveillance.
Commercial Use: Suitable for business properties that require reliable and accurate surveillance.
Residential Use: Can be used to monitor residential exteriors, driveways and entrances.


The Hikvision DS-2DE5225IW-AE/S5 Ultra Low Light PTZ Camera is a robust and advanced surveillance solution. With its superior low-light performance, extensive zoom capabilities and Acusense technology, it provides reliable and high-quality security surveillance for a variety of applications. The combination of weather resistance, accurate detection and night vision makes it an excellent choice for both commercial and residential surveillance needs.

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Hikvision DS-2DE5225IW-AE/S5 - 4MP - PTZ - 25x Zoom - 100m IR - WDR - Ultra Low Light
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