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Alarm systems

You can secure your home or business with a Hikvision alarm system. These alarm systems of the highest quality ensure that your belongings are optimally secured. The wireless grade 2 systems notify you if something abnormal happens. This creates a secure feeling, even when you're not at home.

Alarm system via smartphone app

The Hikvision alarm systems are easy to connect to an app on your smartphone. This provides an additional support to feel safe in your home. It is an ideal combination of security and convenience at a competitive price. In addition, the Hikvision alarm systems are made in such a way that they are hardly noticeable in your home. This way, the alarm system will not disturb your beautiful interior.

Hikvision alarm system for securing your home

If you want to secure your home, business premises or boat, a Hikvision alarm system is the right wireless solution. We offer a high quality range of alarm systems from the brand Hikvision. By purchasing a Hikvision alarm system, you can feel safe in your own home, even when you are not at home. It keeps burglars out of the house and gives alerts when something remarkable happens. The Hikvision alarm systems ensure that your home and valuables are protected and remain protected. By combining it with the Hikvision camera, you can also keep an eye on your house from a distance.

Choose for example the Hikvision DS-PWA32-HG, HUB Central. This new wireless alarm system is a wireless system which is fast, unique, professional and reliable. You can easily expand the system with all alarm sensors and control the system with the familiar Hikvision Hik-Connect App.

Service of Hikvision Alarm System

For a Hikvision alarm system, you have come to the right place. Here you will find the security systems of Hikvision. You can secure your home, business or office with the best quality. Besides the Hikvision alarm systems, we also have a range of IP cameras.

Would you like to know more about our Hikvision alarm systems, one of our other products or our service? Then don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach us by phone, but you can also contact one of our employees via email or our chat. We are ready for you!

Hikvision AxPro Startkit 1 GPRS LAN WiFi
-14 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: kit-1
The Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System Starter Package Basic is a great start for securing your home or business and can function fully without monthly fees.The installation is easy and runs completely through your own smartphone. Detailed installation instructions can be found elsewhere on this website ..
549.00€ 639.00€
Ex Tax:453.72€
Hikvision DS-PWA96-KIT-WE AxPro Startkit GPRS LAN WiFi
-36 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PWA96-KIT-WE
The Hikvision AX Pro alarm system is the system to have! The new grade 2 certified system is very easy to install and can be used in comibnation with the Hik-Connect app. This is the same app where the Hikvision cameras are. So you have everything in one overview. The Ax Pro has a range of up to 200..
319.95€ 499.00€
Ex Tax:264.42€
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