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The sirens are the only products of an alarm system that really attract attention. That's why intruders try to turn off the siren first. The AX PRO alarm system's wireless sirens are equipped with protection against vandals and sound so loud that it will grab the attention of an entire neighborhood.

A powerful sound, a weatherproof housing and built-in security that warns if the siren is attempted to be dismantled, these essential elements are combined in Hikvision's outdoor siren. This is to ensure the security of a vacation home, private residence or office.

Hikvision DS-PS1-E-WE Wireless Outdoor Siren
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Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PS1-E-WE
External wireless siren for the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system. This siren has the model number DS-PS1-E-WE.The Hikvision DS-PS1-E-WE external siren is, as the name suggests, intended for outdoor use. Mounting on the wall or any other place is no problem. Always make sure that the siren is within sig..
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Hikvision DS-PS1-I-WE Wireless Indoor Siren
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Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PS1-I-WE
Internal wireless siren for the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system. This siren has the model number DS-PS1-I-WE.The Hikvision DS-PS1-I-WE internal siren is, as the name suggests, intended for indoor use. If there is an intrusion, the siren will generate a loud tone of 110 decibels.Wireless internal siren..
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Hikvision DS-PS1-II-WE Wireless Indoor Siren With 2-way Communication
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Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PS1-II-WE
Hikvision Wireless indoor siren with 2-way communication 868 Mhz, white, compatible with AX Pro, 4x 123A battery.The new indoor siren for the Hikvision AxPro allows you to communicate via the app using a two-way transmission. This allows you to listen what is going on, but also talk through the App...
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