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Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad

Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad
Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad
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Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad
Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad

Hikvision Wireless LED Keypad is intended for indoor wall mounting at entrance doors.

The Hikvision Wireless LED Keypad has the model number DS-PK1-E-WE and is designed to enable the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system to be turned on and off by means of a code. The keypad is tamper-protected, has low-battery monitoring and checks its connection to the Hikvision Hub very regularly. It can operate for up to 5 years with the built-in batteries.

Range from the Hikvision Hub

The range from the Hub to the Hikvision LED Keypad DS-PK1-E-WE is 1,200 meters in open field. The connection is continuously monitored by the Hikvision Cloud. If the wireless signal is intentionally disrupted it will be reported immediately via the Hik-Connect app on your smartphone. The Hikvision wireless signal is called Tri-X, and operates on 2 different frequencies in the 868mhz band and has AES-128 encryption.

Logging in and mounting

All Hikvision products are easy to connect. Logging in is done with a QR code on each device. Put the Hik-Connect app in "Enroll" mode and you can start adding products by scanning the QR code in the app.

Because the LED keypad is intended for disabling the alarm system quickly after entry, it is necessary to mount it as close as possible to the entrance door. Do not forget to activate any motion detectors in the room with a delay. (For example, with a walk-in delay time of 30 seconds
)Settings of the Hikvision LED KeypadOn

the LED Keypad, in addition to entering the operating codes, you can also see which zone of the alarm system is activated. The keypad is fully illuminated so that it is easy to read and use even in the dark. The full settings are done in the Hik-Connect application on your smartphone.

Works on batteries

The wireless LED Keypad, like all Hikvision AX Pro alarm system products, is battery operated. The LED Keypad uses 4 penlite batteries, also known as AA batteries. All Hikvision alarm system products are therefore easy to place anywhere without having to lay cables. The lifetime of the standard batteries is 5 years under normal use. After this time, they are easy to replace with new ones. These batteries are always available from stock. How to replace the batteries can be found in the manual of the Wireless LED Keypad DS-PK1-E-W.

The LED keyboard is suitable for temperatures between -10 and +55 degrees Celsius. The dimensions are 14cm x 8,6cm x 2,2cm and the weight is 151 grams.

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Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad
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