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Hikvision AxPro Startkit 1 GPRS LAN WiFi

Hikvision AxPro Startkit 1 GPRS LAN WiFi
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The Hikvision AX Pro Alarm System Starter Package Basic is a great start for securing your home or business and can function fully without monthly fees.

The installation is easy and runs completely through your own smartphone. Detailed installation instructions can be found elsewhere on this website and in the installation video on the first information page.
Should you need any help, we are of course available daily for support.

Warnings of an intrusion or other system messages can be transmitted in various ways. In addition to the Hub transmitting everything in spoken language to you via the built-in speaker, you can also receive push notifications on your smartphone. You can also choose SMS or a normal call, provided that you use a SIM card in the Hub. Our preference is for push notifications, because they are directly audible and visually displayed, so you immediately know what is going on. This also does not require a SIM card, and saves you monthly costs for this SIM card.

The Hikvision AX Pro Basic Package is expandable with all products from Hikvision that you see on this site, such as additional motion detectors, door contacts, smoke detectors, panic buttons, water leak detectors, etc.

In the box:
- PWA64-L-WE or DS-PWA96-M-WE
- 3x PIR detector, DS-PDP15P-EG2-WE
- Indoor siren, DS-PS1-I-WE
- Remote control / Keyfob, DS-PKF1-WE

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Hikvision AxPro Startkit 1 GPRS LAN WiFi
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