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At Hikvision Alarm System Europe, you will find controls for the Hikvision AX Pro in this category. The controls provide good security for your home or business premises. They are user-friendly and have a modern design that is combined with technical innovations. The controls for the Hikvision alarm systems are reliable and during the design process no compromises were made when it comes to security. Hikvision Alarm System Europe is the right place to be if you are looking for a Hikvision alarm system. Go for easy installation and operation and still a complete package!

Hikvision DS-PDEB1-EG2-WE Wireless Panic Button
-23 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PDEB1-EG2-WE
Hikvision has 4 different panic buttons in the range for the AX Pro alarm system. These are the 4 versions:Wireless single panic button DS-PDEB1-EG2-WEWireless double panic button DS-PDEB2-EG2-WEWireless single panic button (Portable) DS-PDEBP1-EG2-WEWireless Double Panic Button (Portable) DS-PDEBP2..
30.00€ 39.00€
Ex Tax:24.79€
Hikvision DS-PDEBP1-EG2-WE Wireless Portable Panic Button
-30 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PDEBP1-EG2-WE
Hikvision Wireless portable emergency button, compatible with AX ProKey features: Accidental pressure protection, Fully remotely configurable through App, IP54 protection, Optional lanyard and wrist strap accessories available..
27.95€ 39.95€
Ex Tax:23.10€
Hikvision DS-PK1-LT-WE Wireless LCD Keypad with Tag Function
-15 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PK1-LT-WE
Hikvision Wireless LCD code keyboard 868 Mhz, white, compatible with AX Pro, 4x 123A battery.Features: 868MHz two-way wireless communication. LCD screen and LED to indicate system status. System configuration via LCD screen. Multiple controls such as stay/away, arm/disarm, silent alarm, exit control..
149.00€ 175.00€
Ex Tax:123.14€
Hikvision DS-PKF1-WE Wireless Remote Control
-31 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PKF1-WE
Hikvision wireless remote control to remotely control the AX Pro alarm system.The Keyfob has the model number DS-PKF1-WE and is often attached to a keychain to easily and quickly switch the system on or off without a mobile phone.Range from the Hikvision HubThe range from the Keyfob to the Hikvision..
33.95€ 49.01€
Ex Tax:28.06€
Hikvision DS-PT1-WE Wireless Tag Reader
-22 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PT1-WE
Hikvision Tag Reader for the AX Pro alarm system, with a Tag the system can easily be turned on and off.The Tag Reader has the model number DS-PT1-WE and is often installed at entrance doors to houses or office buildings so that residents or office workers can easily operate the system with a Tag.Ra..
52.01€ 67.00€
Ex Tax:42.98€
Hikvision DS-PTA-WL-868 AX PRO Wireless RFID Card Reader Black
2-3 Days
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PTA-WL-868
The DS-PTA-WL 868 is a wireless card/tag reader which can enable/disable alarm via 868MHz two-way wireless communication. In addition, this wireless card reader can function as indicator by LED and buzzer when triggering alarm.Key Features- 433/868MHz two-way wireless communication- AES-128 encrypti..
Ex Tax:82.60€
Hikvision S-PK1-E-W Wireless LED Keypad
-30 %
Brand: Hikvision Model: DS-PK1-E-W
Hikvision Wireless LED Keypad is intended for indoor wall mounting at entrance doors.The Hikvision Wireless LED Keypad has the model number DS-PK1-E-WE and is designed to enable the Hikvision AX Pro alarm system to be turned on and off by means of a code. The keypad is tamper-protected, has low-batt..
69.00€ 99.00€
Ex Tax:57.02€
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